woven pillow cover DIY tutorial

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing great and that you are reading this post in a good mood. This is my second weaving related video, the first one was a Cardboard Loom Tutorial and is my most watched video so far! So I have decided to make another video to please my weaving fellows.

I have been working on a capsule home decor collection for Olive and Annie which includes wall hangings and woven pillows. Olive and Annie is an amazing company that creates unique items handmade in Kenya to help fund an orphanage called ZLT. The social enterprise also helps women who are victims of sexual abuse through a new association named She Matters.

Jewellery from Olive and Annie

So when Jackie, the brain behind all of these amazing projects, asked me if I wanted to design a collection for her brand, I was so ecstatic! She trusted me fully to create something original and I will always be grateful to her for that. 

Anyway, enough talk about the best artistic accomplishment of my life, now onto the tutorial! 

The pillow cover has one side woven and one side fabric. We call that type of cover "envelope" because the fabric overlap in order to let the insert in and out. 

I do not show how to weave the woven side in this tutorial because I consider it to be an intermediate level project. If you decide to attempt it, I think you should know how to weave at least the tabby stitch comfortably. 

Here are the measurements for the envelope side:

Divide the length of your pillow by two, add 6 and you'll get the length of your first envelope side. The width being the same as the woven side. 

Now divide the length of your pillow by two again but add 7 to it this time. You'll get the length of your second piece, the width being the same as the woven side.

Concrete example:

If your woven side is 18"x18" like mine:

18/2 = 9 

9 + 6 = 15"

So the first envelope piece is 18"x15"

18/2 = 9

9 + 7 = 16"

So the second piece is 18"x16"

I hope this all makes sense, if not please let me know in the comments and I'll try to make it simpler!

I will try to make more weaving tutorials, especially for beginners. What would you like to learn in particular?

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