DIY Weaving Cardboard Loom Tutorial + How to Warp Your Loom

Hey guys, I finally made a weaving related tutorial. And this one is perfect for you if you want to start weaving without investing money in a beautiful loom. I present to you: THE DIY CARDBOARD WEAVING LOOM!

I personally made loads and use them to teach during my workshops. They are great for beginners and can be customised to pretty much any size. The only thing that matters is that the cardboard that you are using is strong enough to resist the tension caused by the warp thread. In this video I'm using a heavy duty cardboard and it's perfect. 

Material to make your cardboard loom

The dimensions I chose are:

Big cardboard piece: 14"x14"

Small cardboard pieces: 13"x3"

I actually enjoy weaving on cardboard now, even if I can use my Funem Loom, I sometimes just go for the cardboard one because it's wider. 

Coasters made on a cardboard loom

Anyway, enough talking, let's make this DIY weaving cardboard loom and see how to warp it. After that you can start weaving and never stop.

I really hope you find this tutorial helpful, let me know in the comments what you are planning to make with your amazing cardboard loom!


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