Tassel Wall Hanging: Make It In 15 Minutes!

Hello everyone! This is officially my first tutorial and I wanted to start with someone quick and easy to make: a tassel wall hanging. This DIY was inspired by instagram where I follow a lot of lovely creative people. I thought I would give it a try for myself and I loved making it. 

Tassel Wall hanging

This wall hanging looks great in my living room

​For this project you only need a few minutes of your time and:

  • Yarn: two different colours, I recommend choosing a good quality yarn (avoid acrylic and go for a natural fibre)​ as it will make your wall hanging look fancy
  • Cotton yarn, rope or anything hang it
  • A wooden stick or a dowel. I tried both I prefer using a wooden stick picked up in the forest as it gives it a natural look.
  • A book or a piece or cardboard. You will wrap your yarn on it to make the tassel so choose the size wisely.
  • And finally scissors and eventually a measuring tape

​That's it! I hope you enjoy this project, let me know what you think in the comments and if you want to see more (hopefully, once a week) subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

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