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A Crafty Ramadan Episode : 
Kids' Prayer Mat Tutorial

Salamaalaykoum sister! I hope you are in the best of shape. Episode 2 of A Crafty Ramadan is now available on my Youtube Channel and it is a cute Prayer Mat for Kids. I had the idea of making one since Zahra's mat is getting a bit small for her. Children love mimicking adults' behaviour so my daughter always pretends to pray when she sees one of us in Salah. It is the cutest thing and we encourage her to copy us by giving her her own hijab and her own prayer mat.

In this tutorial I've used an anti-slip mat that I had at home but you can easily work without it. Here is how:

  • Cut 2 rectangles the size of the mat that you want plus 1" seam allowance
  • If you have interfacing, add it on the wrong side of one of the rectangle
  • Stitch those two pieces right sides together, making sure that you leave a 3" gap unstitched to return the fabric right side up
  • Cut the 4 corners so they look neat and use the gap you left to return the fabric
  • Iron the mat and topstitch the gap to close it

This way you don't have to use an anti-slip material to make your mat thick. You can now customise your mat like me or anyway you want!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, if you make your own prayer mat, please share it with me by tagging me on Instagram of Facebook.

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Here is episode 1 of A Crafty Ramadan if you've missed it.

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