Assalamaalaykoum sisters! I'm glad to bring this tutorial to you today as I find it very practical. I bought a beautiful Quran from a French online shop, Oummah Shop, and I needed a simple fabric Quran cover to protect it and move it around when not in a state of ablutions (wudoo'). 

So I came up with this simple technique to make one and recorded myself. I used a heavy and soft cotton from a previous project. Didn't need much fabric, which is great! I measured my Quran from cover to cover and length wise and added 8" to the width and 4" to the length. 

Your iron will be very useful in this tutorial, don't be lazy with it as it makes things so much easier. 

You can skip the hemming part but I find that it looks neater and cleaner when the edges are done. It will also stop your fabric from fraying and increase your cover's life.

This tutorial will work with any book or notebook that you have laying around. 

I hope it's clear, if not please don't hesitate to ask me anything! You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see all my future and previous tutorials.

Ps: I noticed at the end of the recording that my Quran was dressed like me... Burgundy cardigan on a pink t-shirt, I swear I didn't do on purpose!

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