As Salamaalaykoum sister, it's important I tell you a little bit about me so here it is! I’m Soumaya, the person behind Happy Nass. I have created this website to share my love for crafts with you. When I was learning how to sew, knit or weave, I discovered an amazing community of generous artists ready to share their tips and tutorials. Today, it's my turn to share what I have learnt, especially for those who don't have access to sewing classes or crafts workshops where they live. I find that Youtube is an amazing source of knowledge for those who want to learn anything but it also has its limits. Generally, tutorials online are not detailed enough for a complete beginner to follow easily. So when I was learning how to sew, knit, crochet or weave online myself, I always felt like the person on the video was going too fast or I was misunderstanding something because my result would look NOTHING like theirs! Therefore I would give up... Here, I want everyone to feel like what I'm teaching is easy. 

Nass means people in arabic, I hope my tutorials will make People Happy like they made me happy when days were difficult.

About me

About me: posing with a weaving I made

Here are some funny facts about me:

  • I'm always eating popcorn but I never go to the cinema
  • I haven't finished a book in ages (shame on me! I just don't have time!)
  • I'm constantly saying "I just don't have time for this"
  • I look like a 13 years old when I'm actually 23
  • I'm French-Moroccan, my husband is British-Indian so our baby is basically a monster beautiful blend of 4 cultures

Now here’s a little bit more serious stuff about me.

I was born and raised in a small town in France. As a child and teenager I was already into DIY but it seemed like sewing and knitting were too complex for me so I gave up learning after a few attempts. I thought I wasn’t made for manual things and focused on studying business to create my own fashion brand.

After my bachelors in international marketing and an internship in a fashion company in Ghana, I got married and moved to England where my husband was waiting for me. A few months later (4 months to be precise)… Surprise! I was pregnant! I didn’t go through what we would call a happy pregnancy to be honest. I felt sad and anxious most of the time. Being far from my family and in a foreign country didn’t help at all.

As my husband and I were on holiday in Morocco, I was telling a good friend of mine how depressed I was. “Get a sewing machine! It will keep you busy” she said. When we came back home, I asked my husband to take me to John Lewis and I bought my sewing machine.

As you know, it wasn’t my first attempt at learning how to sew (more like the 4th attempt). But this time I had a reason to sew, I was motivated to make something unique for my baby even before meeting her. When I think about it today, I realise how much sewing helped me accept that I was going to be a mother. I remember staying up late to sew the perfect curtains for the nursery. The feeling of accomplishment after making something unique helped me regain the confidence I lost during pregnancy.

When baby Z showed up, things got more difficult psychologically and physically. My baby blues felt more like a depression but I didn’t seek help straight. Post-natal depression is still a taboo in most of the cultures unfortunately, which makes it hard to talk about it. What saved me from sinking deeper was to go to sewing classes once a week or to take time to sew at home.

About me

Eventually, life became easier alhamdullilah, I did get help from professionals and if you are struggling with any kind of depression, that’s the first thing I advise you to do. Talk to someone, your partner, your GP, a therapist, local associations… Even if I believe in craft therapy as a great way of feeling better, everyone deserves professional and personalised medical advise.

As my baby grew up I started having more time for myself alhamdullilah, so I decided to explore different crafts like doll making, knitting, crochet and weaving. They all gave me a feeling of addiction and a love for yarn and fabric.

Today, baby Z is 15 months, I have a job and a supportive husband but since I started sewing, I feel the need to share my passion. I was once the beginner who was struggling, I now want to be the one who helps those who want to learn more. I am still learning myself everyday from the beautiful online craft community but I also want to give as much a I can.

So I hope you find your happiness in my shop and blog inchaAllah, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and don't forget to join the family to get exclusive sewing tutorials and updates!


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